Phonics Fun Farm Games: Letter Sounds, Sight Words App Reviews

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Free....till u validate

I have nothing good to say about false advertising. Do not list as free if it costs money!!!!

My kids love it

If you want your kids to have fun while learning, I recommend you get this app. It has great content and features so your kids never get bored.


Can't get past the creating a profile. Won't let my choose a person. Then it won't let you do anything. Wish it would work because it looks like it would be a really good app

Not very happy with letter sounds.

Let me start out by saying my daughter loves this FREE app BUT when I started to listen to her playing I was very disappointed in the activity she was doing, it was the letter sounds train where she had to pop a balloon to get part of the train to assemble. When she popped a balloon with an 'A' in it there would be an elephant inside and she would start saying, "ah ah elephant". The animals don't match up with the letter on the balloon making it very confusing for her. This is a major flaw in the app and I'm sorry to say I'm going to have to uninstall it instead of purchasing the full version as I had wanted to do. Letter sounds is a major first step so it's not an activity I can just block and have her move on to the next step. I really hope that this is something that can be addressed so we can try it again at a later time. I really think something like this should have been caught in the production or testing phase of this app. I guess it's always good that we try the FREE version before buying the app.

Adorable Fun!

I actually had my friend's 6 year old twins play with this app during a car trip and I was delighted to hear their laughter and cheers when they succeeded at the phonics challenges. The artwork is charming and adorable, very cartoony which is perfect for this age group. Gameplay for them was fairly easy but they're advanced kids, this would be a perfect learning app for 4-5 year olds. Fantastic app!

Fantastic app, as always, from 22Learn!

My kids detest anything that they see as "school," so anytime I can find a way to sneak it in, I do. Much like vegetables, if it seems fun, they're willing to try it. I was skeptical of this app, as I am of most "learning" apps. Yes, I think it looks great and has all kinds of quality content, but would it pass the dreaded kid test? Phonics Fun on the Farm exceeded even my expectations for kid-worthiness. The reading games have so vastly improved my son's vocabulary that he is actually pointing out words in real life. He has such confidence now...all from a rewarding game.

Amazing way to learn phonics!

My 5 yr old adores this app. It is a very fun way for him to learn phonemes. The games are fun and easy to play. I like how smartly the game builds on the skills taught. I further appreciate that you can create profiles for multiple children. You can also see the statistics on how your child progresses and the time s/he spent playing. Lots of neat features!

Great app for kids!!

This is a great app for kids learning to read and even learning to speak. I have used other apps from this developer before and my child loves them. The full app is only $1.99 and it is well worth it. A fun and easy way to help your kids learn how to read.

Highly recommend!

This has to be one of the best early learning apps for kids on the App Store! It's super cute and has lots of different games and learning tools. You earn cool stickers after completing tasks or answering questions right. Overall this app is fun, easy to use, and very educational! :)

Making Education Fun and Rewarding

Phonics Fun on Farm is a game aimed at children who are begining to read. The narrator is Farmer Frank, who with the help of his animals will make learning fun! The game has three sections: Letter Sounds, Blending Sounds, and Fluent Reading. In the first two sections, your child will work on their shape matching skills in addition to working on letter/word sounds. The fluent reading section will push your child's game progress back with incorrect answers, I feel this insures learning as the child would have to know their stuff to succeed. After a successful game, your child will be given a cute sticker where he/she can design their own farm. This is a great game and I would recommend this to any parent interested in Phonics!

Excellent app for kids

Must for all kids. I have been playing with many kids app specially for my 5 year daughter and till now have used around 100 different apps. This one is by far the most comprehensive phonics app with huge amount features built in it which not just improve your child phonics but also improves creativity.

Best App For Kids!

This is an amazing and helpful app for kids! The app goes so in depth with learning things that a child would usually only learn at school. It also puts a fun twist on learning, making your child want to learn. I definitely recommend buying the full version. It would be the best $2 you will ever spend for your child.

Educational fun at its best!

I just love 22Learn's apps and own many of them so I was thrilled to discover this app for my iPad! The games are fun and engaging with their cute animals, upbeat music, and vibrant colors. The repetition, especially in the Fluent Reading game was especially helpful for reinforcement. Everything is sized perfectly for little fingers and is easy for little ones to use on their own. We especially enjoyed collecting stickers with each successfully completed game! I highly recommend this excellent app!

Fun way to learn for kids!

As a social worker, I am constantly looking for apps that improve or help the quality of someone’s life. This app has my seal of approval. The games are fun and help kids at their own pace. The three in this lite version are great examples and show promise. At the end of each, kids are able to earn virtual stickers. Additionally, caregivers and teachers have a special section to learn more about each game and how they work. Try this out!

This surpasses all other phonics apps out there!

My kids have just gotten to the point at their ages where they can better pronounce whole words and even spell them! This app couldn’t have done a better job teaching and helping my children learn on a whole other level. There are 12 great learning games that are offered from letter sounds, tracing letters, word bingo and so much more! I also absolutely love that I can track my kid’s progress within the app if I happen to be gone while they are playing. The graphics are amazing and the vocalization within the app is clear and crisp. I highly recommend this app to everyone with children!

Wonderful phonics games!!

My niece loves to play with the games there. She is only three now but I find it wonderful that she is already learning phonemes. She especially likes the game which teaches to connect phonemes together. At the end of the game, children get food to feed animals as a reward. She has so much fun seeing the animals munching on cupcakes and vegetables :)

Great App!

I have used other apps by this developer in the past, and truly think these apps are amazing! I think that every pre-school teacher should use this app! It is a fun way to teach children to read and understand words. This has great games that any child will like. Me and my wife are really happy with this developer. My son is too! I am happy I can sit with my son at night and listen to him read me a book! That is a great experience. Thank you!

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